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    Hello I am experiencing a pretty bad bladder prolapse. I did not find you video till four months after my baby and I am discouraged. It doesn’t seem to be working and I was wondering if it was because I am breast feeding. Would that slow things down? Also what would you suggest as a routine? I have been doing it once a night every other night during the week the first week. Every night during the second, and this last week I slacked and only did it twice during the week. It would be helpful if a week by week guide was included. So do you have any suggestions? My husband and I haven’t been able to you know what this whole time and it is straaining our marriage. Please help. Thank you. Nikki

    Tasha Mulligan

    Deep breath. You will be fine. Allow your body time to heal – you are still actively healing since giving birth and yes breastfeeding will leave your tissues a bit more lax, but you haven\’t truly given the exercises time to work. Stay consistent with atleast one workout on three days each week. If you do more then consider that a plus, but at a minimum, make sure you are following a workout 3x/week and staying consistent with your posture when you don\’t have your baby in your arms.

    I recommend 4- weeks of consistent exercise for results. Don\’t give up, you\’ll feel the difference.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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