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    I have experienced a bit of a setback with my cystocele and rectocele over the last week – I think due to me attending a spinning class, perhaps it was too soon. I am going to work through the advanced program first.

    I have set myself the task to read through ALL your blog posts to help remind me of all the little bits of info, I also think I have been ‘slumping’ on the sofa too much with my tailbone tucked under which isn’t great.

    I am just wondering whether you will be doing more blog posts, as I am not sure if I am navigating it incorrectly but the last one I can find is Feb 13?

    Thanks Tasha, your help always much appreciated!

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    First of all let me tell you how much I like you 🙂 Before I even posted my answer to your spinning class question in which I encouraged you to read through ALL my blogs – you have just assigned yourself that exact task. I love it and I love that kind of personality.

    As far as the blogs, you are correct in noting that my last one was Feb 2013. At that point I was reaching out to a guest blogger because I really felt as though I had shared everything I could possibly think of about the female body and training. Rather than have guests posting blogs on my site, I decided to switch over to just the “ask tasha” section and let your questions lead my rants about exercise and posture and workouts, etc.

    Be sure you are going through the Archives for the blogs. The categories listed are incomplete and all of my blogs are not included in that organization (this is my current project).

    As far as your set back – have you analyzed anything that was different this past week. Where are you on your cycle? Has your diet changed – have you been eating more – have you been working any flexion exercises without a thought of extension exercises? I don’t encourage you to give up spinning. I think you should stick with it. Even if you choose to stay lower intensity, its a great exercise. The more fit your body is the better your recovery will be!


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    Thanks so much Tasha for your reply on this and the spinning post – you have given me such a boost and I am going to continue with spinning and training on my turbo trainer too which means I am more in control of that one.

    Thanks for the info about the blog, I’ll make sure I go through by date – I thought I was missing some when I went through the other way!

    I am actually on the contraceptive pill (not sure if this is good or bad!) but I was at the end of my packet and actually decided to skip my ‘break’ this month as it fell over my birthday and carried on taking them and this is when I had the setback so many my hormones still dropped even whilst taking it a bit. So thanks for that and yes perhaps eating a bit more too (birthday treats!)

    I have been getting on really well with workout 3 and just starting on 4 too and have seen such an increase in tone visually and obvious strengthening too (less muscle shake etc) so am delighted.

    Just purchased the advanced workout too – so am really excited to try that in a couple of weeks too (PS would be GREAT if you made a DVD of that too 😉 )

    Thanks again Tasha, when I read this site I feel so inspired and hopeful but when I google and look elsewhere online all I see is ‘surgery’ ‘surgery’ ‘surgery’! I have got so many sporting ambitions I want to achieve in the next few years I am determined to do everything I can to ensure my prolapse won’t stop it happening.

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    Sounds great Jo. Keep up the good work and have no fear, your body is strong!


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    I asked this question earlier and someone answered it, but I didn’t take note of the answer-my apologies to have to ask again. Is there a knowledgeable clinic that you would recommend in Wichita KS?

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    Martha – I don’t have a particular recommendation, but i will direct you click on Find a PT and the Womens Health Specialty. There you should see a list of therapists you can contact.


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