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    I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago after being told I had uterine cancer. However, after having hysterectomy surgery, I was told that I did not have uterine cancer, but had cancer of the fallopian tube. They told me that because of the procedure used to remove my uterus, cancer cells had been left behind in my abdominal cavity, so I would need to have chemo to keep the cancer cells from attaching to other organs. Now 9 years later, I’ve been diagnosed with bladder prolapse. Will the exercises on Hab It Video help me with my prolapse issue ? I only see issues on forum, following pregnancy or delivery. Thank you.

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    The Hab It program will definitly be of benefit, so will the posture and all other little tidbits you can learn in the Educate yourself section – so start there and begin to implement the neutral spine posture, the chest breathing, etc that you will read about. You should begin to note a slight improvement of your symptoms from those actions alone, then you can decide if/when you are ready to try the Hab It exercises.

    I highly recommend them 🙂


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