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    Nat Draper

    Is it truely possible to help return to a full functioning life after a grade 2 bladder prolapse. I must have had a milld prolapse and then lifted the dog and actually felt it dropping in my pelvis. I FEEL So STUPID for not realising this was what was going on, however I had no other symptoms than felt a bit weird to jog (not that I tried much). Amin regret of not getting things checked post partum. I am officially 1 year from birth and felt great until 8 weeks ago when it happened. Is it likely that the other organs will prolapse also if the wall is weak?

    I don’t have any incontinence and am still breast feeding heavily. 3-4 times a day.
    Im such an active person and feel this annoying tampon budge.

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    Not only is it possible, but it is probable that you will rehab back to being symptom free…BUT…you have to do the work. You have to correct your daily habits and posture.

    Please begin to read through the Educate Yourself section. Start with the Posture topic as you can begin this immediately. Begin to pair this knowledge with the Hab It video and then you will begin to see improvements.

    I know it is alarming to feel this sense of weakness at the base of our pelvis, but this work will no doubt leave you more knowlegeable of your own body, posture, and health moving forward.


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