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    Hi Tasha,
    (I apologize if this post is a duplicate; I tried posting yesterday but don’t see my post so I’m trying again.)

    My son was born 2.5 years ago, uncomplicated delivery. I was cleared by my midwife to resume running a few months after delivery and noticed trouble sometimes with urine leakage. I got your Habit DVD and did the exercises sporadically, but never consistently for the 4-6 weeks you recommend. I trained for a half marathon and several trail races without significant trouble. Often when running, I experience no leakage at all, especially first thing in the morning, but running in the evening, at a full sprint, or on steep downhills often results in some leakage. Also sometimes sneezing if I don’t think about bracing first.

    A couple weeks ago I was running a steep hill and the leakage was far worse than typical. I have decided to finally take this seriously and have an appointment this week with my nurse practitioner to be evaluated for a bladder prolapse. I have no idea if what I am experiencing is a prolapse or just a weak pelvic floor, but I am optimistic about doing the work necessary to resolve the symptoms. My questions are:

    1. Is it a bad idea to continue running until this is completely resolved? I am an active person and need aerobic activity several times a week in order to feel my best. Is it ok to run as long as I’m not experiencing symptoms, or best to give it some time while I stick to the program for awhile? I can cycle instead if that’s better for my long-term running prospects, but I do prefer running and it’s easier to fit into my schedule.

    2. If I understand correctly, you recommend doing the PF workouts 3x/week. Is more better? Will I heal more quickly if I do them every day, or would that be overdoing it?

    3. Do I understand correctly that you recommend doing 8 sets of pelvic floor lifts/4 quick squeezes every day, including the days I’m not doing one of your PF workouts?

    Thank you so much for your clear information about such an important topic! In particular I really appreciate your clear message of hope. 🙂


    I just read your blog review of the Insanity DVD program. I have done this program in the past and they are still one of my go-to cardio workouts. I really appreciate your thorough review and your suggestion of substitution activities!! This is great. Two questions:
    1. Can I assume that these are ok to do for cardio while rehabilitating my pelvic floor, assuming I make appropriate adjustments?
    2. Is it ok to do the exercises you recommend against IF I am not experiencing any pelvic floor symptoms (leakage, I guess) while doing them? Or do you think they are just a bad idea under any circumstances?

    Still wondering how I know when it’s safe to get back to running. 🙂

    Thank you!


    I won’t stop you from running, but do recognize the position that steep downhill running puts you in. You can visualize your tailbone tucked slightly under as we lean back slightly to slow our roll downhill. You can visualize how this tail bone positioning and body positioning puts our pelvic floor in a vary vulnerable position with all forces coming straight down through this soft tissue. This is very different than the slight forward lean we can achieve with a strong push off our big toe and decreased heel strike that puts those same vertical forces through our pubic bone or in front of it. So I would recommend walking with good eccentric control on the steps downhills! I would also encourage you to rotate in some cycling days just because they are so good for you!

    Yes, add in the hab it workouts daily for 4-6 weeks. And Yes you can work the 2 step Kegels as instructed on the Hab It dvd. Honestly, these are separated only on the Hab It dvd because it is focused on ensuring we have every muscle of our pelvic basket firing efficiently and effectively – this is important for you as per your description, we are looking for that one weak link that only gives way under significant stress – this shoes me that one part of your pelvic basket isn’t contracting efficiently – your job is to work through the dvd very deliberately looking to shore up any part of your pelvic basket that is letting you down.

    That being said – as you progress to any of the other program – which for your running I would highly recommend the 7 Day Advanced – I don’t coach isolated Kegels because the workout requires your pelvic floor to contract in a coordinated fashion with the rest of your body in these workouts. this becomes much more functional.

    For your final 2 questions – yes it is fine for you to do the Insanity workout using the modifications given. If you are unsure of any move, I would recommend you get my Hab It Plyo program – I wrote this one along with Hab It Cardio (a non-jumping version) as a teaching tool for women to show them what to focus on with higher intensity exercises to ensure they are safer for your pelvic floor and better for your joints in general!

    And a big NO it is not okay to do the exercises I recommend against just because you are not symptomatic 🙂 Come on! If you continue to work your RA to override your TA, you will become symptomatic!


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