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    Hi Tasha,
    I’m a 70 year old active woman who has been diagnosed with a pretty large rectocele and has been in Physical therapy for a few weeks. I made very good progress for awhile, but then began to lose ground. The only exercises I’ve been given are Kegels which I have been doing faithfully. I began to wonder if there was something else I could do and, in my search for information, I found your site. I find the information about how the pelvic muscles actually work and how they should be exercised to be very helpful. In fact, I have ordered the workout DVD and am very anxious to get started on that program. I am already implementing the posture and the TA awareness and exercising that I found on your site. One of the things I found most interesting was the types of exercise that I should not do, such as crunches and two-leg leg lifts. So, here’s my problem. I attend a full body toning workout class 3 days a week. A big part of what we work on is core strength, which includes a lot of crunches and leg lifts. I’m not anxious to give up work on my upper abs, so I wondered if you might have any recommendations on alternative ways to do that which would not be bad for my pelvic floor.

    Thanks for your help

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    You have been reading!!! That is fantastic.

    My recommendations to substitute for crunches and double leg lifts (which significantly increase your intra-abdominal pressure) are planks. Planks focus on the TA, which actually cinches up your midsection, and that along with an awareness of breathing with chest elevation and expansion is key to lifting your prolapse.

    Not to mention, better for lumbar disc pressure, prolapse, incontinence, hernias, and hemmorrhoids 🙂 Within my Hab It cardio program and 7 Day Advanced proram, I have all sorts of variations of planks that will have your abs toned and stabilized.


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