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    My youngest is 16 months and I had a pretty uncomfortable proplapse after childbirth, I got your dvd and used it for about 8 months and it definately helped with my recovery and am extremely grateful for. I stopped breastfeeding at 13 months and have no symtoms and I have even started running again woohoo! I have recentley started lifting heavy weights which I love to do and feel great after but am feeling a little heavy in the pelvic region. is this the end of weights for me or am I just feeling different because it’s new?

    thanks, Mel



    One thing I hate to do is to discourage anyone from doing something they love…BUT lifting heavy weights falls into the same category as Kettlebells and RA strengthening – it is just not good for our pelvic floors.  The reason is that all of these activities, even with the best technique cause an increased intra-abdominal pressure blowing down on our compromised pelvic floors.  I am not saying you can’t achieve the level of strength and conditioning that you love – you just have to find a different method to do it.

    For example – you love military press – work hand stands with your feet up against a wall and work your shoulder press their.  You love bench press – work push ups because plank position will keep your TA engaged.  You can find a way to strengthen the way you love – simply be aware of:

    No breath holding – no matter how short!

    Limit flexion activities, working instead to strengthen while your body is extended or in neutral spine.  This means you should do very little strengthening in sitting.

    Also, think more about glutes, hip external rotators, back extensors, hamstrings, adductors, middle to low traps, and shoulder external rotators.  Beyond your deepest core muscles of your pelvic floor, TA, and multifidi, these are the muscles that will keep you long, lean and standing tall and strong for years to come!!!!!!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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