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    Hi Tasha!
    I worked my way through the Hab-it workouts for five weeks, and just today, I completed my first week of the 7 Day Advanced Program. The exercises and focus on posture have me feeling so much stronger! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what your program has done for me so far. I’m just 3 months postpartum, and have been seeing improvements daily!
    I am headed to SE Asia on vacation next week, and while I won’t have a problem packing my resistance bands, it would be impractical to bring my Swiss ball with me, as we will be on the move. I figure that I can use a hotel-room chair for exercises like the Advanced straight leg raise from Day 7, where the the Swiss ball is meant to remain stationary, understanding that this will dramatically drop the level of difficulty. My question is whether you have any suggestions on how to approach exercises such as the Swiss ball slalom from Day 1, and the plank walk outs from Day 2, where moving the ball is a part of the exercise. Would it be better to substitute other exercises targeting the same muscle groups, or to attempt to modify these somehow? I’m feeling very motivated to continue working through the program while on vacation, and appreciate any suggestions!
    Thanks again!

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    Sorry for my delay on this – simply substitute another plank exercise for those that just won’t work with your legs on the bed or a chair. Go to your favorite plank during these times to keep yourself motivated and enjoying your workouts. When I train a client in the clinic, I am always thinking of muscle groups first and then choosing an exercise to target that. This will be your approach too – which is a great way to take even more control over your body and your rehab. Proud of you!


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