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    hi taste – couple questions:

    1. I have thought I was doing the posture correctly but I think I am realizing that my RA is activating vs TA. I tried the hands and knees and think I may have found my TA. I feel like I don’t recognize those muscles at all and don’t know how to engage them
    Standing? I think my RA is too strong possibly. It makes me feel like I am sucking in anytime I try to engage the stomach area in anyway. Is there a way to either do part of the posture or slowly start to engage TA? Maybe if I just lift the chest it will happen eventually?
    2. Would you reccomend laying on your side while breastfeeding?
    3. Is there anyone that teaches your “method” that you know of in the NJ/NYC area? It would be great to work with someone directly. I went to a PT that specializes in pelvic floor after 1st baby but didn’t have much success. If you know of anyone I would love to hear the recco.
    3. Floor play/sittinf wirh baby- is there a best way to sit on the floor? And regarding play I have seen you say stomach and hands and knees. These are the 2 best?

    4. Is there a best way to sit in the car?

    I want to add that I am 8 weeks pp with 3rd baby and have a cystolele. I noticed it after my 1st but after my 2nd it was not noticeable. This time I am trying to figure out how to get rid of that feeling again.


    Just wanted to say sorry for the typos “Tasha”. Was chasing a toddler and typing 🙂


    An update to this… I realized I am having a really really hard time not activating my higher abs RA and the basically fire When I make any sort of movement (even holding my baby while seated). I have to make a true conscious effort not to. Is there a way that I dan work to undo this??? Thank you – struggling here 🙁


    It will take some work to quiet your RA, but simply your awareness through your descriptions already has me thinking we’ve got a good shot at it 🙂

    Let’s simply start with good standing posture. Unlock those knees, make sure your tailbone has a slight lift, your belly is drawn slightly up and in, your chest is up and your hands are open. From this position of open, neutral spine posture, simply draw a breath in with chest elevation and expansion. You should see this lift your rib cage, and draw your belly in and up a bit. Now let that breath out but DO NOT let your tummy out. Repeat, again drawing your breath in with chest elevation and expansion – see your chest expand in the mirror – and release without letting your belly out. Repeat this one more time. Note with each breath, your belly is drawn in a bit more – this is a very elementary beginning to a hypopressive breathing technique and I like this simplified breathing technique to help people find their Transverus Abdominus. Some will get a bit of a back ache by the 3rd breath and that is okay – note the TA attaches to our lumbar fascia and with these 3 breaths we are taking our TA to a shortened position that really squeezes our midsection and pulls on our lumbar fascia.

    You are right that I like hands and knees positioning to find your TA and I coach you through this thoroughly on the dvd. Keep in mind, we have controll over this muscle that can tighten up like a corset our midsection from above our hip bones to our lower rib cage. Do not allow your rib cage to curl forward toward your spine or your pelvis to tuck into a posterior pelvic tilt that would activate our RA and you will have control over this over-active muscle.

    As for breastfeeding – don’t over think it – just relax with your baby! That will not make or break your rehab.

    As for the NY/NJ area, I don’t have a direct referral, but if you go on to http://www.apta.org and go under the Find a PT tab, you can type in your zip code and look for women’s health therapists in your area.

    As for play on the floor – I do recommend stomach or hands and knees because it activates extensors and TA – 2 very important muscle groups! As for sitting on the floor – this is tough. I always sit side saddle if I have to sit on the floor because my hamstring tension prevents me getting into neutral spine in every other position. In side saddle, I can keep my chest up, although my lumbar spine is side flexed so this still isn’t ideal!

    As for the car – I just got a new one and I was really disappointed that the seat would not tilt my knees lower than my hips like my old one…so I have a couple towels that I place under my tush to lift my hips. Bottom line, you want to be able to roll forward on your sit bones so getting as far away from a bucket seat is my recommendation!



    Thx for your response. I am trying to get the hang of not sucking in high up and flexing that RA. Def takes some
    Work like you said. I noticed when I am very relaxed and breathing in and out the prolapse and not flexed RA the prolapse can almost feel like it is disappearing. However, ever since I have noticed this it seems that it is also more “loose” like when walking it may feel like it is dropping when I didn’t notice that before. Or it comes in and out of place now a bit? Is the fact that it can move a bit almost like releasing it to do so or will this eventually somewhat end up in a somewhat tight/stationary space? I am breastfeeding and only 9 weeks pp. it feels great when it is kind of gone, but I worry about if it will keep dropping because now I am trying to change the way it is if that makes sense. Also nervous because I did nothing after my 2nd child and ended up ok without making any adjustments to posture, etc.

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