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    Hi Tasha!

    I developed a bladder prolapse during my pregnancy with my second son who is now 20 months old. I completed the advanced stabilization workout last spring and my prolapse symptoms were pretty much gone. It was a truly a life saver and I felt normal again! Most days I forgot that I had a prolapse.

    I kind of fell off the wagon with exercising but my symptoms only returned slightly during ovulation and menstruation. Even though I don’t do a formal exercise routine I am very busy chasing my son around throughout the day so I never really sit down.

    I am now 6 weeks pregnant with my third and my symptoms have come back with a vengeance. I feel heaviness and pressure most of the day. Can I go back to the advanced stabilization workouts while pregnant? Any tips for getting through pregnancy with these symptoms? Im feeling very anxious about getting through the next 9 months with these symptoms while trying to care for my other children.

    Thanks so much, Tasha!

    Your dvd’s are miracle workers and gave me so much hope when I felt like I would never get better without surgery!!


    Also, is it safe and do you recommend wearing a sea sponge to offer support during pregnancy?

    I’m concerned as to how I’m going to function the next 9 months if I’m this uncomfortable at 6 weeks pregnant. The low back pain and heaviness/ pressure are miserable.

    Thank you!


    Take comfort in knowing that your symptoms will improve by the 2nd trimester as your uterus grows and sits on top of your pubic bone. Unfortunately by the third pregnancy, veins have felt this pressure before, muscles/ligaments/tendons have been stretched before, and so on, so we can feel the heaviness much earlier than we did in previous pregnancies and recoveries. Remember our blood and interstitial fluid volume increases significantly within the first 6-8 weeks, so your body is feeling the effects.

    Take breaks to get off in an anti-gravity position, either lying semi reclined or on your side. My other go-to is the low rise triathlon short because of the compression to the perineum and the positioning below the hip bones.

    I would not recommend you jump back into a workout that you haven’t been doing consistently before pregnancy, but you could go back to the original Hab It dvd exercises and then once your belly prevents you from doing some of the stomach lying exercises you can go to the pregnancy exercises I have on YouTube on:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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