We appreciate your subscription to our 7 Day Advanced Stabilization Program.

The advanced 7 day core stabilization workout is designed for women wanting to return to sport or a high level of activity.  The exercises are challenging and should not be attempted unless you have mastered all 4 workouts on the Hab It:  Pelvic Floor dvd with confidence.

This advanced workout will provide excellent extension work, focusing on glute strength, lower back strength, and transversus abdominus stabilization.  If you are consistent with the daily workout routine, you will note improved body balance and good control of postural muscles extending from the ground up through your scapula and shoulder girdle.

Your goal should be to work through a stabilization work out 5-7 days/week, completing the workouts in order from day 1 to day 7 throughout that week or over the course of 2 weeks as your schedule allows.  If possible, completing all six exercises within a workout immediately following your cardio is most beneficial, however, on a tight schedule, just get them in when you can throughout your day!

Work to complete the exercises in the order I have listed, alternating sets of exercises where noted with no rest between sets.  This allows you to complete each stabilization day within 20 minutes and by keeping it moving, you keep your heart rate up!  When working at home, performing the exercises barefoot will work more balance training and intrinsic foot strength, however this is not required as I recognize this isn’t always possible if working out in a gym setting.

An important note:  Listen to your body.   Stop any exercise if you feel pain or discomfort.  It is recommended that you pay close attention to exercise instruction and positioning to perform all exercises correctly as these advanced exercises can stress joints if you do not hold proper form.  You may have to begin with sets of 6 repetitions and work your way up to sets of 10 repetitions as your endurance allows.  Stop all plank exercises if you feel any back pain or back aching.  If you find that the majority of the exercises in this advanced workout are too difficult, please contact me and we will discuss a progression of exercise plan before resuming the advanced workout.

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