You’ll find many methods by many people to fight incontinence in women including Kegel exercises – but sometimes Kegel exercises aren’t enough an effective treatment for a prolapsed bladder or uterus.

Hab-it Pelvic Floor Exercises

Start combatting pelvic floor weakness & prolapse with a method proven to work by purchasing the Hab-it Pelvic Floor Exercise DVD from Amazon. The package Includes an exercise band and the DVD.

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7 Day Advanced Stabilization Program

After you’re comfortable with the exercises in the Hab-it Pelvic Floor Exercises, get down to business with Hab-it’s 7 Day Advanced Stabilization Program.

The 7 Day Advanced Core Stabilization workout is designed for women wanting to return to sport or a high level of activity. The exercises are challenging and should not be attempted unless you have mastered all four workouts on the Hab-it Pelvic Floor DVD with confidence.

This advanced workout will provide excellent extension work, focusing on glute strength, lower back strength, and transversus abdominis stabilization. After keeping a consistent daily workout routine, you will notice improved body balance and good control of postural muscles extending from the ground up through your scapula and shoulder girdle.

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FREE Pregnancy Exercise Workouts

Hab-it is pleased to provide a complimentary video series focusing on pregnancy exercises as well as a PDF describing the exercises on the video streaming page.

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Wholesale Opportunities

If you operate a maternity store, you’re a birth professional or allied health professional, or you’re just interested in wholesaling the Hab-it Pelvic Floor DVD, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to share these materials to share with your patients.

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