Is Exercise the Fountain of Youth? (Part I)

What happens to our bodies as we age? Can we stop or slow the effects of aging? Does menopause signal the beginning of a slippery slope? Well…let’s talk about it.
As we age we may notice decreased endurance, decreased balance, decreased flexibility, decreased strength, or decreased agility. You may begin to […]

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Getting Back into Daily Activities and Exercise

I just finished a morning run and I was thinking about how running has helped to strengthen my pelvic floor.  These were thoughts I needed and wanted to share with those of you who have avoided whatever activities you used to do, including regular fitness like walking, running, hiking and aerobics, because of incontinence or […]

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Better Sex Too???

Well, I thought I would blog about this topic simply because women want to know!  It is not the focus of our DVD, but it certainly is a positive side effect.  The question is “Will these exercises improve my sex life or increase my orgasm potential?”
The exercises that women are asking about are the same […]

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Revisiting the Belly “Pooch”

I decided to revisit the belly pooch topic because I was fielding a lot of questions regarding how to keep the muscles of our midsection engaged while sitting.  I made such an effort to describe appropriate standing posture but, given that many of us spend a lot of time throughout the day sitting, it seems […]

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What Exactly is Our Core???

Everyone seems to be trying to work their core these days, but many are unclear as to exactly what their core actually is. Today, I hope to give you more insight into this topic as well as provide you with a visualization of your core and the associated actions of your core muscles.
The core is […]

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The Importance of Posture

Posture has an effect on the health of our bones, the volume of air we can take in to our lungs with every breath, and the strength of our muscles (including our pelvic floor (PF)).  So how is it that can something as simple as posture can affect so many things within our body? 
Well, […]

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Getting Rid of the Belly “Pooch”

So often I get asked:  “How do I lose this belly pooch up front?”  Women will tell me that they have lost all of their weight after pregnancy, but they just can’t shrink their belly.  It is true that this is the area most stretched during pregnancy, but you don’t have to settle for the post […]

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To Kegel or Not To Kegel…

 The Kegel exercise is the cornerstone of pelvic floor (PF) rehabilitation for incontinence and prolapse.  Some have called Kegels a worthless activity or a waste of time.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Kegel exercises are highly effective if performed correctly and that is where women need more direct instruction.  Today, I will give […]

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Is my leaking just a function of my weak bladder?

The answer to this question is a resounding “NO!”  The bladder is made up of smooth muscle, over which we don’t have voluntary control.  Muscles that we can voluntarily contract and relax and strengthen are called skeletal muscles.  Our pelvic floor is made up of these types of muscles – skeletal muscles – and controls […]

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Incontinence is NOT “just a normal part of aging”!

Incontinence is not “just a normal part of aging”!  I don’t ever want to hear this again.  We don’t have to resign ourselves to wearing pads or Depends when our body decides to give out. All of us are constantly fighting the signs of aging, from wrinkles in our skin, to memory loss.  Some even […]

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