Well, I thought I would blog about this topic simply because women want to know!  It is not the focus of our DVD, but it certainly is a positive side effect.  The question is “Will these exercises improve my sex life or increase my orgasm potential?”


The exercises that women are asking about are the same exercises that help to improve or resolve symptoms or incontinence or prolapse.  The reason these two results may overlap is because the focus for both is our pelvic floor.  Remember, our pelvic floor is made up of four different muscle layers.  They are, from superficial to deep, our anal sphincter, our urogenital triangle, our urovaginal sphnincter, and our levator ani muscles. You can refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urogenital_triangle or

http://www.primalpictures.com/Pelvic-floor-disorders.aspx for a clear anatomical illustration of our pelvic floor for reference.


The urogentital triangle is made up of several muscles including bulbospongiosus, ischiocavernosus and the superficial transverse perineum muscles.  These muscles are sexual in function and contract along with other muscles of our pelvic floor during orgasm.


The levator ani muscle group is made up of the pubococcygeus muscle, the illiococcygeus muscle, and the puborectalis muscles.


As you work through exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, the same exercises found on our Hab It:  Pelvic Floor DVD ; ) and some of which are referenced in the article “Sexual Healing” on page 104 of the June/July issue of FitPregnancy, you are contracting, strengthening, and increasing blood flow to all the muscles of your pelvic floor including the muscles that are sexual in function.


As you contract these muscles, you are increasing blood flow to the area.  Increased blood flow increases the reactivity and sensitivity of those muscles, which can only be positive for sexual function.  In addition to increased sensitivity, as you perform these exercises regularly, you will be strengthening all of these muscle groups as well.  As you strengthen the muscles of the urogenital triangle, you are increasing your chances of experiencing longer and stronger orgasms.


These same exercises will give you a stronger abdominal basket with better postural endurance and help to close down the pathway extending from your bladder to your urethral opening.  This is the main focus of our Hab It:  Pelvic Floor DVD, but who can argue with a few positive side effects!

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