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    I have developed a mild cystocele, following the birth of my large second child. I am 9 weeks postpartum and want to rehab as quickly as possible, as I am an avid runner and martial artist (not to mention I would like to play with my 3-year-old). I just purchased your dvd and have done the first two workouts and greatly enjoyed them. Is it possible for me to do a workout every day to rehab faster? Or, would this hinder my recovery? Also, are there any exercises you would steer me away from?



    Holly, you can do a workout or even more than one workout per day if you choose.  I only caution women to stick with my recommended limit of just 8-10 two step Kegels (as taught on the Hab It dvd) each day.  Doing more than this can over-fatigue this thin muscle group and can cause spasm.  So if you choose to and have the time to do more exercise, that is fantastic, just skip any extra Kegels!  Exercises to avoid are any crunches, double leg lowering, or anything that causes you to “bear down” or hold your breath.  Simply put, avoid any activity that brings your ribs closer to your pelvis.  All or most abdominal strengthening should be done in plank position (an extended position) to reinforce your neutral spine posture.  Hope that helps clarify!


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    I am 6 months postpardum with a stage 2 cystocele, and wonder if I am worsening it if I can feel it when walking about the house or walking in the park with my kids? At the beginning of the day, I don\’t feel it particularly, but at some point I start to feel it if I\’ve been on my feet. Should I stop and do kegal exercises when I start to feel the pressure? Get off my feet for some length of time? Not walk for exercize until I have strengthened my pelvic floor more? I am in Physical therapy to help me do kegels correctly, and have watched your DVD once, and plan to buy my own copy. Thanks for your informative site! Also, the PT has me doing 50 kegals and 50 quick ones per day, is that too many or not, since I am 6 months postpardum?

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